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Sandy is from Maine and Ocala depending on the weather! She has worked in the equine industry for so many years she's not counting anymore. From showing hunt seat at an early age to eventing and most recently classical and western dressage, Sandy has dabbled in most disciplines. She managed Puckerbrush Farm in Newburgh, Maine for many years, hosting 13 shows a year, caring for 27 horses, and offering lessons and clinics. She offers freelance lessons in dressage and driving when she's not busy seeing that Acadia Acres is in top notch form!


 Izzy is a retired forester and a recovering lawyer.  She spends her time in Maine on a self-sustaining farm with horses, goats chickens and more. She also has a fruit farm in Hawaii and is dividing her time between her diverse properties. Her horse, Oliver, was the reason Acadia Acres became reality. He needed a permanent winter home for continued schooling and Izzy wanted him to live in style!  Ollie is a Gypsy/Haflinger cross who rides and drives.

Laura Meadows, our "Handyman"

Laura and Sandy met a few years ago while teaching Western Dressage.  They had lived parallel lives but it took horses to bring them together. Laura has been involved since the wee age of 3 and her first pony ride all the way up to owning her own facility in Northern New York and working with draft horses.  From having her own place, Laura learned that she had to do most of her own maintenance - from running power tools to tractors to drilling holes in walls.  She's the one who keeps us up and running.  In her spare time she volunteer for Ziggy's Bird Sanctuary in Inverness, another passion that is near and dear to her heart.

Kelly Lawniczak, our summer Rental Agent

Kelly and Sandy met a few years ago when Kelly was her landlord.  Now they have a great working partnership and Kelly holds down the farm while Sandy can't be there. Kelly is a real estate agent and knows the area well so maintaining the schedules and the housing comes easy. She's an accomplished horsewoman as well, having shown in the hunter world and now joining in with some eventing.  If you need any help with real estate, Kelly is there to help.

And to  thank others that made it all happen!

Below is a short list of the many companies that brought our ideas to life.  If you need personal recommendations for any listed below, please contact us or feel free to come visit and see their work for yourself!