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News from the Farm!

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The houses

May, 2018

We have three great houses, individual in their style, yet all decorated by the professional hand of Abigail New of New Design Concepts. Kitchens have been updated, rooms renovated, patios for outdoor enjoyment on the way!

Why Acadia Acres?

May, 2018

People keep asking "What's Acadia" and why?  Well Izzy and Sandy and Abby are all Mainers from the beginning.  The great state of Maine and its serene coast include Acadia National Park and Cadillac Mountain are synonymous with the name Maine.  Maine is welcoming and pretty with scenery, flowers, mountains, and friendly people.  What better name for a farm in Florida but Acadia Acres!  Welcome to a delightful farm with friendly people and incredible facilities!

It all started when...

May, 2018

There is a sweet little horse named Oliver, Ollie to his friends.  One day, a woman named Isabelle McKay (Izzy to all!) saw Ollie and fell in love.  He was not quite 3 years old and was at a show driving in Maine.  The rest is history. Ollie is now almost 5, he's a Gypsy/Haflinger cross, about 14h tall and wide. He rides and drives and doesn't realize he's a horse.  More like a black lab dog.  Ollie spent winters in FL with Sandy Welsh (Aunt Sandy to Ollie) learning to be a big boy.  Sandy had rented farms for about 6 years, changing almost every year due to owners circumstances.  Izzy decided that Ollie needed a permanent home and that she would like to come down more often to be with Ollie and ride with Sandy.  After searching many properties, Acadia Acres was born.  Containing 3 beautiful homes, 10 acres and a small barn, it was the beginning of a dream come true for Sandy and a winter home for Ollie.  Read on for more of the story!

The buildings keep growing

November, 2018

The original property of Acadia Acres belonged to a vet.  The Holly House was the office with exam rooms and desks.  The other houses had been rented.  The beautiful 'backyard' became 7 paddocks designed by the skillful eye of Kelly and Seminole Fence.  Then the barn, designed by Rick Thompson, started to take shape.  Follow along for the progress of construction and the renovations to the vet's office and houses!


Now for the Baxter Barn...

November, 2018

Silverstone and Adam New organized the work crew which literally started from the ground up.  Including 10 stalls, 3 tack rooms, 3 feed rooms, and an apartment for Sandy, its quite the project and on a definite timeline!


The first season is a wrap!

May, 2019

To say that our first year in business has been a success would be an understatement.  We had great guests from PA in Jan/Feb with all their horses.  They attended the HITS shows and came home winners each week.  After they left, we opened the houses to Airbnb and VRBO with great results.  We met fun and interesting people from all over the world.  Show jumpers from the UK, Thoroughbred vets from Scotland, and all the families in between.  We are trying to continue to offer complete rental experiences with a hometown flair.  Each and every guest helps us with stellar reviews and usable evaluations!


Summer is fun but....

August, 2019

We thought the summer months would be slow and a time to 'catch up' but boy were we proven wrong!  Through Airbnb and VRBO, our wonderful homes have been booked almost constantly.  We've met great people who all promise to return and we hope they can!  Soon we will be gearing up for our 'season' - January to April - and the houses are booked for a good part of that already.  There's still some available time slots if you are in need of housing.  This season I'm thinking I need to focus on the boarding aspect of the farm.  We have been successful in filling the homes but we have an incredible horse facility that needs horses year round!  Looking forward to 2020 and all its promise